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Domain appraisal.

Be confident about the right domain price.

There are millions of domain names on the internet. Some are more valuable than others. Let me appraise your domain name for you, so you can list your domain up for sale with confidence.

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Send me your domain for appraisal.

No credit card required. I will contact you with payment options.

Appraisal pricing plans.

Increase your chance to get an offer from a buyer with expert domain name appraisal.

🤝 Standard appraisal

$15.99 / domain

With standard appraisal you will get a more precise analysis of a domain name you want to sell or buy:

  • deeper analysis of domain name based on factors such as search engine suitability, advertising, selling/buying prospects.
  • badge and certificate of domain appraisal for further negotiation about the price with potential buyers.

🔥 Fast appraisal

$3.99 / domain

If you are not sure about the right price of your domain name, a fast appraisal is ideal for you.

  • get a raw estimation without analysis (less accurate)
  • badge of domain appraisal for your domain profile on Upfordomain.

I'm helping my customers with domain trading and investing for more than 2 years. Domain name appraisal is just the first step in domain trading, but very important because if the first price is too high, no one will send you an offer. On the other side, if the price is too low, you lose money.


Tomas Slouka

Maker of Upfordomain