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Frequently Asked Questions

You will find the most frequently asked questions about domain renting here.

Owner questions

How to add my domain up for rent?

Everyone can add their domain up for rent for FREE. Go to list your domain and fill in a simple form where you define the monthly renting price, and the buyout price for your domain.

Do I need to transfer domain ownership?

Yes. Anyone who wants to provide a domain for rent must change the domain owner to Thanks to this, we can ensure that the renter of the domain regularly pays you for the domain and protects you from the loss of the domain in case the renter ceases to pay his obligation.

Do I need to transfer domain ownership before the renting period start?

No. Ownership transfer is needed only when we find the renter for your domain.

Do I need to change domain registrar?

Yes. Change of the domain registrar to upfordomain is mandatory.

Can I change the renting price?

You can change the renting price while domain is not in rental period. Once the rent period starts, you won't be able to change the price.

What happens if a renter stop paying?

If the renter stop paying for the domain rent for a 3 consequent months, the domain will release back to the owner.

Buyer questions

Why should I rent a domain?

You don't have to pay the full price. Domain renting is a great alternative to get the domain name that would be otherwise hard to acquire.

Can owner of the domain change the domain renting and buyout price?

No. The renting price and buyout price will remain the same and cannot be changed during the rental period.

Who will be the domain owner?

The owner of the domain during the rental period will be If the total amount of rent payments will reach the buyout price of the domain, the ownership of the domain will transfer to the buyer.

What is rental period?

The rental period is the period during which the renter pays the owner of the domain. The rental period depends on the rental price and the buyout price of the domain. The rental period ends as soon as the renter pays the buyout price of the domain.

What about DNS access?

You will get full access to the domain DNS settings.